E Kennebago, 9/4/11


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Jun 15, 2008
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Southern NH
Tried to get here yesterday, but ran into driving issues. Shortly after Middle Rd bears to the right, I encountered a newly-dug drainage culvert across the logging road. It had some rocks in it and I was able to coax my CR-V across, but scraped the bottom. A couple hundred feet further was another deeper culvert and as I sat wondering what to do a robust pickup truck came down the road toward me, sinking deeply into a third culvert up ahead.

When he reached me I asked if he thought I'd be able to make the trip in my vehicle; he replied, "Not a chance. There's anuthah thirty/fawty of these on the road ahead of ya." He was a local guy and was surprised to see these, so I assume they're somewhat new, or at least recently touched-up. I made a discouraged three-point turn and called it a day.

This morning I drove to the Middle Rd intersection and just road walked in (passing 18 culverts along the way, not 30-40). Two quick miles to the usual parking area, then it was a straight walk (over some even deeper culverts), avoiding the temptations to head up left too soon, reaching the boundary marker in about 15 minutes. The boundary swath was an enjoyable walk and it ended precisely where the bushwhack began; it would be very difficult to miss the start of this bushwhack.

It's only 3 miles roundtrip from parking, but turned into 7 with the road walk. #90/100