Eliza Brook Shelter via Reel Brook & Kinsman Ridge Trail: 18-Feb-2013


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Jan 18, 2007
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Bethlehem, NH
After having read Trail Runner's VFTT Trail Conditions report about the Reel Brook & Kinsman Ridge Trail, I decided to take advantage of the trail having been recently broken out.
I'd never hiked this route under winter conditions, and this seemed like a great opportunity, and indeed it was!

There was a nicely consolidated snowpack all the way to the Eliza Brook Shelter. And although my stopping point was at the shelter, I could see that the trail had been broken out beyond that point, perhaps all the way to the Kinsmans??

In addition to the trail's consolidated snowpack, all of the many brook crossings along this route were snow-bridged. I would venture to say that if you had never travelled this trail in non-winter conditions, then you would probably be unaware that you were crossing several brooks along the route.

There is a massive blowdown just before the junction of the Reel Brook and Kinsman Ridge Trail, but there is a well-established workaround. And, as you approach the Eliza Brook Shelter, there are two massive blowdowns in close proximity to each other. However, once again, there are well-established workarounds.

Don't know if this is the case each winter, but on the day of this hike, the small parking area about 0.2 mile from the trailhead was nicely plowed with room for about 3 cars, possibly 4 cars if everyone tightly bunches together).

Some photos are at my BLOG.