Fall Tick Hatch?


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Spiny Norman

Dec 20, 2004
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After a relatively low tick summer I was swarmed yesterday.

Went to my kids soccer jamboree in Concord, NH at fields hard by the merrimack river. Before the game i walked the dogs along a path that runs next to the river.

The rest of the day i was picking ticks off myself and the dogs. I was very surprised given how uneventful tick wise the summer had been.

Is there a fall tick hatch?

It wasn't a low tick summer down where I live in southern Maine...
It was not a low tick season; you just haven't been in the woods. Ticks are so prevalent now; my dogs are on tick preventative year-round going on 5 years now. They will come out mid-winter now.
I think the tick level depends a lot on where you hike. Last year we hiked in the Speckled and Wild River areas had had several ticks after every hike. This year we have been in the northern Presidentals and the Mahoosucs and have not had any ticks.
"It was not a low tick season; you just haven't been in the woods."

Incorrect but i like your confidence.
I thrash through the brush in my woods most every day. Picked up a tick yesterday, first one in months. Thought the same as the OP, as they were rough this spring, but I had none for the summer months.
Ticks didn't seem to be an issue much at all in my neck of the woods this year but then I pulled about a half dozen off my dog this weekend. Late influx, I guess.