Finished the Vermont 500 Highest List

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May 26, 2015
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Brattleboro, Vermont
I finished the Vermont 500 Highest. (List of John 300' prominence version) on July 10th on East Round Mtn 2,714' in Avery's Gore.
It took me roughly 2 years to finish, but I already had a huge head start having done all the 3K and 4Ks in VT, plus many other sporadic mountains. Otherwise it would have taken me more like 4-5 years.
It was not possible for the weather to have been nicer this weekend. The woods on East Round were cool fern glade woods interspersed with mature old conifers.
Very different from the logging regrowth last week I experienced on several peaks off the East Branch Rd in Lewis, which was horrendous middle regrowth jungle.
I then whacked over to Round Mountain 2,932' (a 200' prominence category mountain) which was also incredibly beautiful. This area feels absolutely no different whatsoever from the Tim Pond Rd area of peaks near Rangeley Maine or those up in Pittsburg NH. You can't tell any difference.
The Vermont 500 Highest definitely have some real gems found within the less-climbed sub 3K mountains and it was a great way to explore scenic & beautiful back roads and remote pockets of Vermont which I would otherwise might never have visited.

Well done, Spencer! It's great to see that another Brattleboro boy enjoys bushwhacking obscure peaks, although you're several levels beyond my peakbagging accomplishments.