Garfield, Galehead, South Twin, West Bond, North Twin

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Jan 19, 2009
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Garfield Tr, Garfield Ridge Tr, Frost Tr., Twinway, Bondcliff Tr, West Bond Tr, North Twin Spur, North Twin Tr.

May 29 - May 30 2010

Trail Conditions: All trails were in pretty good shape for spring. The trials were mostly dry except where they crossed/follow streams and even then they were not bad. There were still patches on snow above 3900' but they were few and far between. BUGS are out! They seemed to mostly bite when they could get comfortable (below clothes). Stream crossing on North Twin Tr. were passable without getting wet if you are an agile rock hopper.

Special Equipment Required: Nothing additional. All patches of snow were easily bare boot able.

Comments: Stayed in the Galehead Hut as its self service season. Beth the caretaker was great!

Keith Baker