Get Rescued? Make a Mandatory PSA!

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Sep 29, 2023
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Portsmouth NH
How's this for an idea?

This guy did all the wrong things and paid the price.

Not sure if it's public shaming or public service, but an interesting approach nonetheless.

Note: Oahu has some of the most dangerous ridge walks I've ever done.
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This is not public shaming on any level as the victim was asked not mandated to respond. To quote: "The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources and partner agencies reached out to Snyder, 34, to record the PSA in January. He agreed to share his experience, with lessons learned, so that other hikers will hopefully not repeat the mistakes he made".
Although this situation was authored into a public announcement it really isn't any different than requesting comment from a victim which happens here in New Hampshire all the time in fact as recently in the last ten days:

IMO making the public aware of these instances is a good thing but quantifying it's effectiveness is debatable. There has been and always will be those that will be candidates for the Darwin Award.