Hancock North & South (3 March 2018)


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Jan 28, 2010
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NH Seacoast
Trails: Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook, Hancock Loop.

Conditions and Equipment: Hancock Notch and Cedar Brook were hard packed with some loose powder atop. Saw many with light traction and some snowshoes but I barebooted fine. The north loop is loose powder mostly over ice in spots. I used dull microspikes here. More powder on the ridge between summits. A variety of traction was useable here. No postholing. I stayed with microspikes. The south summit outlook is interesting. *A careless approach to this could lead to a slide* The slope is fairly slick down toward the outlook. Take care. I switched to G-10 crampons for the descent down south loop and was happy to have them. Similar conditions to the north approach but probably slightly less ice. I carried snowshoes but never needed them. They would have worked much of the day. Have good traction for the loop descent.

Comments: rain on the ride cleared to a beautiful day with clouds, sun, light wind, and warm temps. Dartmouth and UNH each had a van full of student groups and the lot was busy. I avoided the crowds a bit by going clockwise. Had a nice chat on the ridge with franco from VT.