Latest F&G Study Makes Surprising Recommendations

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Sep 4, 2003
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Here are some outtakes from the latest study of the role of NH F&G. I think the gist is to acknowledge the role F&G platys in "passive" recreation and broaden its base and funding to support that expanded role.

Clips from a Union Leader article...

A slight hike in the rooms and meals tax, a $1 million increase in support from the state general fund and a mandatory registration fee for canoes and kayaks are among the recommendations to emerge from yet another study on the future of the Fish and Game Department.

As revenues from hunting licenses declines and demands on the agency increase, the self-reliant funding model has been stretched to the breaking point.

This is not a new problem. The commission that recently wrapped up its work, chaired by outgoing Republican Sen. Kevin Avard of Nashua, is the third such group convened by the Legislature in the past four years. (NOTE: As of Nov 2018, NH has a Democratic majority in state legs and senate)

“It’s time for New Hampshire to realize what outdoor recreation means to the quality of life and the economy of this state.”

“The commission has learned the funding needed to support the department’s budget has not kept pace with the cost of services it provides,” writes Avard in the introduction to the commission report. “The commission believes steps must be taken in the near future to correct the budget issues that are constraining the department’s capacity to meet its mission.”

The commission also recommends dedicating to Fish and Game the roughly $250,000 in rooms and meals taxes collected annually from the Appalachian Mountain Club for its huts and lodges. The AMC does not pay the 9 percent tax on dinners and breakfasts it serves, which lawmakers should address, and direct the money to Fish and Game, according to the report.

For the full story about the report, some of its recommendations, and voices in opposition click here.

Quite a set of proposals, raiding the room and meals will be a battle.

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