Leaf Season 21


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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I was out in the Pemi yesterday (Sunday) and was out driving over to Lancaster on Saturday. There are signs of some trees changing but definitely pre peak. Back in the late eighties when I moved up to Northern Whites, the leaf season started in mid September and usually this upcoming week was the peak or past peak. About 1 out of three years, the summits would have had a frost or snow event. One of the vendors at the farmers market noted that to date the area has not seen anything close to frost which normally cuts way back on the variety of products available for sale

Columbus/Indigenous Peoples day weekend now seems to be the peak up north.

BTW, with the college crowd gone from the job market all the businesses in the region are really hurting for help. In the Berlin Gorham area, many restaurants are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. With the exception of McDonalds its hard to find a place to eat and McDonalds has minimal staff so there are long lines at the drive through . Breakfast places if they are open have long lines out the door. When driving through Bartlett on Saturday I noticed the Dunkin Donuts was closed (not sure if it was employment related but would not be surprised. If folks head up north there is lot to be said to handle their own meals rather than going out unless they have lot of patience.
Double D in Bartlett was drive through only for a long time. May still be that way.
They were completely closed on Saturday morning, normally cars are line up along the side of the road and on occasion northbound cars line up in the center of the road with their blinkers on (rather than going north and turning at the ski shop and then getting in the line.
From Conway Daily Sun in August, "Dunkin Donuts has closed after shifting its workers to the North Conway restaurant. The Dunkin Donuts within Walmart in North Conway has also closed temporarily due to lack of staff."