lincoln woods trail, snowpack post-Dec 29/30 storm?

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Nov 22, 2004
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Cambridge, MA
Hi--can anyone comment on the snow depth in Lincoln Woods area now. Specifically, for XC skiing. I skiied in Waterville yesterday and they got plenty. Similar conditions on the ground/in the woods in Lincoln?


I just came back from a hike from the parking lot to just past Franconia Brook. The trail is not groomed but well packed down. I would guess 12 " in the woods on either side of the trails. We were heading to viewpoint and out in the woods, as we hiked up away from the trail the snow deepened up and we eventually were snowshoeing in 30 inches of snow. Most skiers are stopping at the bridge but the Bondcliff trail (old Lincoln Brook trail had 2 foot wide broken in track.
I measured about 25" at 2500 on Osseo and then much higher due to drifts--open brooks and drains. I saw a VFFT sticker...that must have been peakbagger.