Madison via Valley Way and Osgood Trail – 3/18/14

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Oct 16, 2010
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Worcester, MA
Madison via Valley Way and Osgood Trail – 3/18/14

Date of Hike: 3/18/14

Trails: Valley Way and Osgood Trail

Conditions: The Valley Way up to just above the Watson Path junction is hard-packed. Above the junction the snow starts to get deeper and less packed, and around the Valley Way tentsites there is deep mushy snow that REQUIRES snowshoes!!! The Osgood Trail from the hut is a mix of hard-packed snow and exposed rock.

Special Equipment Required: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING YOUR SNOWSHOES!!! Not everyone came prepared today and the trail above the tentsite is chewed to bits because of people postholing. We were able to use microspikes up to just above the junction with the Watson Path, and from the hut to the summit of Madison. But, please, bring (and use) your snowshoes for the stretch from, at least, the tentsite up to the hut.

Comments: Have I mentioned bringing snowshoes? That being said, we had a phenomenal last hike of winter. Brilliant blue skies, cool but not too cold temps, and NO WIND. It was wonderful to be able to linger in the sun in front of Madison Hut and chat with people.

Jen English

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