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Apr 20, 2005
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Sharon, MA
How do you reserve a Baxter campsite (at Roaring Brook, for example) for more than 1 day? Reservations are on 4-month rolling basis, so today I can reserve a site for August 2. But what if I want to stay for a few nights? It looks like you can only reserve one day at a time. Do I have to try and get the same sight by signing in and reserving tomorrow? And then again the next day? Seems like this would be very, very difficult to accomplish.
4 month rolling for the first day of your reservation only. You can add days on no problem if it's available. No, you don't need to try each additional day.
Well that's what I would have thought, but there's no field or drop down for 'number of days' or anything like that. All you can do is add a site that is available to your cart, and then checkout. So if I reserve Abol 16 for 8/2, I add that to the cart, but 8/3, 8/4 etc say 'not available...' I mean, if I wanted to reserve 8/2 as my last day, sure, I could see what's available for a multi-day. But for busy weekends, like Labor Day, it seems like the only way to reserve several days in a row is to log back in every morning and hope you can get the same site.
The system requires all of your days are within the 4 month window to book online. Calling the office requires only the first day of your reservation is within the 4 month window. People are now gaming that system by booking their first night at midnight, then calling the office in the morning to extend the reservation for campground sites. Backcountry is similar, but you can't book online at all, so you have to start speed dialing at 8am. Using manual redial I ended up at position 10 in the queue when it opened when I booked a week for my wife last month, but thankfully I was adding backcountry sites so they were still available when it was my turn.
Looking like it's time to drive up to Millinocket to make reservations ;)

Time to complain to the park director, wait, there hasn't been one for months:censored:

The legislature is trying to break the deeds of trust, so when the Baxter heirs get the park back, I guess they can straighten it out.