Baxter State Park looking for a new director

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There is BSP and then there is "zoo" that surrounds Katahdin. Chimney is far less of zoo these days but to really get to know the park throw a backpack on and visit the "backcountry" sites north of Katahdin. South Branch pond sadly is probably the northerly outpost of the "zoo" atmosphere.

BTW the state of Maine DOT used to maintain the roads in the park, they even had facility in the park (now a group camping area. There was lot of pressure to rebuild the perimeter road. I am not sure if the state was pushing for it or whom, but it was brought to court and the project was shot down as against the deeds of trust. I am also not sure if that is when the "road fee" was put in place for out of staters but I do know that the park now maintains its own curvy windy bumpy roads. Buzz Caverly near the end of his term as director and after his retirement was actively recommending that the road to roaring brook be closed to motor vehicles (except park vehicles) anyone going up the east side of the mountain would need to hike in along the road or on new trails. It lines up with the subsequent attempt by the next director to put in some new trails north of the summit to make the area more amendable to backpacker, but the Abol and Dudley rebuilds ate up resources for several years. I dont think Eben, was that sort of visionary.

Any one of the staff at BSP, I asked, said that they drank the water and never had issues with it. It is just that the regulations and testing required to prove its potable are very onerous and expensive. AMC got around it years ago by drilling wells for all the huts. Even they need to dose some of the huts on occasion to keep the water up to snuff.
Indeed. I volunteered there many times in summer months and am convinced old Percivel is the only one who really wants it wild.

Many guests complain about the bumpy dusty road (pave it), primitive facilities, lack of expansive trail head parking and lack of potable water from faucets.

Then there’s the pet thing. Stay retired my friend!

I think I like your advice. I have to agree with what skiguy said on another thread, how did I ever have time for work.
"Deadline to apply is January 13th."
Then what? Pick the best fit of the few who have applied this time around? Make Dan the temp for another season?
This should be the the Authority's top priority - not another new rez system or a new lead for the SFMA.
If it had ever taken me 14 months to fill an important position I would've been fired.