Miracle Fabric?


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Apr 23, 2004
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New Hampshire
Has anyone out there used anything made with Gore N2S? I just got a pitch about it at my local outfitter about how wonderful it is but before I go and put down a hundred hard earned dollars for a lightweight shirt I'd like to know if it really is the next "sliced bread?"
(dave strains his ears for a reply with wildbill and only hears the faint sound of crickets....)

How much for that stuff. Man, regular old poly longies work so well for me I'd be hard pressed to trade up. If I want windprotection, a cheap windshirt goes on. Better yet, it layers up nicely over many different weights of underlayers.

In product management, you're taught to distinquish between things are that cool and things that solve problems. I wonder which this is. What problem is it solving?