Moriah via Stony Brook and Carter-Moriah (1/9/2016)

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Mar 5, 2012
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Date of Hike: 1/9/2016

Conditions: Cul-de-sac wasn't plowed, but was tracked enough to be drivable. Herd path shortcut to the main trail, and the main Stony Brook Trail all the way to the ridge were hard packed snow. Carter-Moriah to the summit had some small drifts, but even these were only a couple inches deep. There are a few pockets of exposed ice on Stony Brook and along the ridge, but all of them were avoidable. We hiked in bare boots and didn't even bother to put on gaiters because there was no spot where the snow would have been over our boot tops. If there is a lot of rain today, the trail will be back to dirt and rock; if there's less rain, the trail will be a skating rink when the cold returns.

Special equipment required: none. Microspikes and poles could be useful for the steeper portions of the descent.