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Feb 1, 2018
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Colchester, VT
My MSR Lighting Ascent failed or should I say finally failed based on numerous prior reports. The metal cross bar that holds the crampon and binding to the shoe broke at one of the rivet points (MSR called it a retainer). Given their age (stamped 11/09 on the bottom side of the plastic binding) and the use they had seen I debated sending them back for repair or fabricate a fix. After a closer inspection noticed that one of the crampons had the common stress fracture that occurs at the crampon/binding rivet. Now with two issues went for sending them back for repair after discussing the potential cost with MSR. $30 for replacement of both retainer and $10 for each crampon.

Since us snowshoers don’t have much reserve gear funds after purchasing our snowshoes we are always looking for ways to fix or repair our gear. I have fantasized while out snowshoeing while having to follow a postholer’s trail that they will soon die of exhaustion and I will be able to scavenge gear that I have been making do without. Sorry daydreaming here. Found a 30 x 12 x 12 box to ship the shoes back. Was surprise at the $50 plus shipping cost.

A little less than a month later the repaired shoes were back at my door. A nice surprise was that MSR didn’t charge for replacing one of the retainers and both crampons. The new retainer is bolted vs riveted to the snowshoe.

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