Tubbs Snowshoe Repair


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Dec 27, 2004
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Windham, ME
Howdy. I accidentally discovered that one of my spouse's snowshoes is in a need of repair. In general, ... should I just contact Tubbs and they will send me some kind of repair kit?

The snowshoes in question. Left snowshoe in this photo needs a fix. It is missing some kind of rivet on the right side of the ball of the foot rotating attachment.


the view from below:


This is what the functional side should look like:

My guess is they will send you a new one.

IMHO its a design flaw that MSR invented and Tubbs copied. Too easy for the ring to get yanked off while snowshoeing. I carry a spare pin and split ring in my repair kit. The older Sherpa design with the steel rod running the width of the binding spread the load over a much larger area and it used stainless screws with nylock nuts to secure the binding to the snowshoe while still allowing full rotary motion. Tubbs adopted that design with their Katahdins once the Sherpa patent ran out, but when they sold out the brand name, they lost something.
I’m still rocking that older design with the rod with eyes on each end. There are straps that loop through the eyes and around the frame. In your care, a small bolt with a nylock nut is a good short term repair as well. Tubbs will send you a replacement in my experience.
yeah. I emailed them and they replied and said they will send out a repair kit free of charge.
Ok. The repair kit came in today. Does the spacer go on the inside or outside? I think on the inside but not sure. Thee the two attached photos before I tighten it all downA346751C-EF6A-4762-826E-4588CC4E9842.jpegFC103143-7131-4118-B2BB-10257F0368E7.jpeg
Figured it out


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