Mt Cabot - Unknown Pond loop 8/22/15

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Mar 5, 2012
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Took advantage of yesterday's unexpectedly nice weather to hike Cabot. We parked at the fishery trailhead and were a little worried about the gate locking us in. Other hikers we encountered informed us that the Forest Service was trying something new on weekends, and that the gate would be locked at 10pm, instead of 4pm as the sign states.

We hiked up Bunnell Notch, across Kilkenny Ridge, and then returned via the Unknown Pond Trail. We found evidence of fresh trail work on Bunnell Notch and Unknown Pond, so thank you to whoever has been putting in time and effort here. There are a few wet/damp spots on Bunnell Notch that have been flagged for improvement, and for the time being can be navigated by balancing on rocks and roots. The upper 2/3 of Unknown Pond is quite overgrown and has some very wet, boggy sections. The ridge from Cabot to the pond was beautiful and absolutely silent.

On our way out (at 6pm), we found the gate closed but not locked. Range rules apply: leave the gate as you found it.