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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
Lots of Mt Washington Summit news

No mention of the Yankee building replacement, but the septic system study is going to force some hard discussions. No mention of running a sewer line down to the Cog base station.

Hidden behind the Berlin Daily Sun paywall on Tuesday is an article regarding various Cog actions. Summary is that the Cog and the FS is doing a land swap at the base station to allow them to build the new Cog maintenance facility. This is not controversial.

Something that I thought would be controversial is the expansion of the new station near treeline which will be expanded with 20' by 70 ' deck. The state fire marshall has recommended it to be 25 by 70' which will require Coos ZBA approval. The article notes that the facility which includes porta potties is open to the public which includes hikers so that implies that the cog is allowing hiking on their right of way which in the past was not encouraged (but not managed). This new station complex does not appear to be readilly accessible to the Jewell trail so unless someone hikes the cog right of way they will not see it. It will be interesting to see how this area expands in the future. Now that hikers are again part of the Cog revenue stream I guess they are more welcome. I wonder when folks will start camping overnight in the new shelters? Practically I think its roughly 1/2 mile off the West Side trail so not of much use to anyone up on the summit ridge.

The Berlin Daily Sun articles behind the paywall usually appear in the Conway Daily Sun in a few days.
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