NE111 Roster, patches and decals

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Sep 3, 2003
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Near the Adirondack Blue Line
Completer #142, Camel's Hump October '85. At that time finishers received a nice, spiral-bound roster with names, peaks and finisher number. In the back, a section with each finisher's 'biography' and a separate section for winter finishers. Albert Robertson was in charge at the time and he sent a lengthy congratulation letters and an updated roster through finisher #391.
Both the 'regular' and winter roster have a who's who of hikers/climbers. As of 1993, there were only 32 NE111W hikers.

Looking for contact info for NE111 patches and decals.

By the time I finished the 111 (2005) the maintenance of the list and patches, etc was in the hands of the AMC. At that time Mike Dickerman was in charge. Don't know if he still is, but I believe that the AMC is still handling certificates, patches, etc for the 111.
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