New MSR Paragon bindings - good? resiliant?

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May 26, 2015
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Brattleboro, Vermont
I broke my MSR Lightning Ascents yesterday. (broken frame). So I just went down and got some new ones, but they now have these Paragon bindings, instead of the 3 strap toe system they had prior.
How is this new system? Durable? Better than the 3 strap toe system?
I hope the new system is good, I love MSRs.
I didn't think I'd like the paragon system but I was wrong. I find it easy to use, I just have to make sure the heel strap is pulled tight and I have no issues. They definitely didn't produce the hot spots like I had with the previous three strap system. I've only used them on a half dozen hikes so I can't speak to the durability yet.
Anything is better than that 3 strap system. I dumped my MSR and went to Tubbs because I despised that binding so much.
I've been running them since 2017. The only failure has been the heel strap, but that component hasn't changed from the old binding. I much prefer them as they make proper foot placement in the binding fool proof and getting them on and off once properly adjusted is as simple as releasing the heel strap. If you hate them you can move the old bindings over to the new shoes, they are 100% interchangeable. I've been moving them back and forth between my older 25s and newer 22s depending on conditions.
Since MSR will apparently not sell the new binding for a retrofit despite its interchangeability :( I took a look, and it would not be super difficult to modify the old style three strap bindings but it definitely would be a difficult to reverse modification. I think I have an older spare MSR binding that may be worth playing with.
It’s obviously too late for the OP, but GV Mountain Extremes are an option. They have 2 wide straps with ratcheting buckles (and also offer a BOA-type binding that I haven’t tried yet), a toe stop molded in as part of the binding, and a heel lifter. The straps are plenty long enough even for double boots. I’ve found them much more comfortable than the old MSR bindings, my one time trying on Paragon bindings didn’t impress me at all but I‘ve never actually used them. My Lightning Ascents felt cheap and flimsy compared to my Mountain Extremes, I sold them and haven’t looked back. The GVs are heavier and I don’t like the narrow heel lifter as much, but neither is that important to me. You most likely won’t be able to swing into your local outdoors gear store and pick up a pair of GVs, unlike MSRs.