New NH hiking companion - Kangaroo

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Don't they have a built-in pack? I would love to see someone farming them locally. It's my favorite.
He ought to be a lobbyist not a representative.
" One New Hampshire lawmaker wants to make it legal for Granite State residents to own kangaroos.

Representative Tom Mannion filed a legislative service request last month.

The proposal would allow for people to own kangaroos, small-tailed monkeys, raccoons, foxes, and otter".

IMO some things should be left alone to survive in their natural element and not made pets. Hopefully the legislative branch sees beyond the potential money grab this guy is trying to create. Would be interesting to see if this idea was propelled by his constituency or it is an idea he came up with on his own. And no I don't think they would be good hikers along with the other so-called pets he is trying to invision.