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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I finally got around to visit the NH State Surplus Store in Concord today. The state of NH picks up gear abandoned at TSA checkpoints and resells it at the store along with other state surplus stuff. Obviously, the selection varies but it sure looks like a lot of stuff that gets abandoned is junk

Lots of Leatherman, Gerber and other name brand utility tools which are separated out from a lot of cheap lookalikes. I paid $4 for Gerber multitool that looks new.

I saw several bicycle oriented multitools

Bins of nalgene and sports bottles of every type (most of them a buck)

A big box of hiking poles of all brands and quality. I found a spare Leki Pole to replace one I lost awhile back, like new for $14 (a new pair is $120).

Fly rod travel cases? (my guess)

In the past I saw on a TV report on the place in the background assortment of backpacking stoves (I didnt see any today).

The store is normally open on Mondays only although they have extended days on occasion. Given the folks wandering around, it looks like locals hit the place every week to pick through the new loads. No doubt a lot of it ends up at flea markets. They did not seem to be interested in the hiking gear. My guess is it is not peak season for hiking gear but may be worth a stop by if someone is on the area. https://www.das.nh.gov/purchasing/white-farm.aspx
I used to shop for myself there quite a bit for replacement Leathermans for the ones I constantly broke. My former supervisor asked me to look for an Old Timer folding knife for him last time I was there, sure enough one was there. I frequented when bringing state equipment down to surplus, and often was seeking office equipment for official use.

The best score ever was two 5-Ton Grip-Hoist over in the adjoining Federal Surplus buildings. There were 2 and one went to Cannon and the other went to a Forest & Lands location and disappeared for nearly a decade. I got it back to Parks when I had a project at Moose Brook, and it has been sitting there ever since (Hope it didn't get scrapped). I bet no one knows what it is and how to use it. They cost $15.00 each after agency discounts.
Thanks for the heads up. This is interesting. Sounds like you never know what you might find. Kind of like shopping at “Mardens”.
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I worked Security at several stadiums through the 80's and we would fill 55-gallon drums of contraband when the Dead came around - Other groups as well, but the Dead were always the motherload. After the concerte ended we were given free reign to grab as many Swiss Army knives and other legal contraband that we wanted for keep or to resell. I always wondered if the TSA 'allowed' employees to do this at teh end of each month or quarter.