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Sep 3, 2003
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Near the Adirondack Blue Line
My long-loved OR softshell is showing its age, and I just sent an even older Mountain Hardware softshell back to have the blown-out pit zip replaced.
Looking for advice on a replacement. Both softshells have good hoods, very thin fleece linings. One has pit zips.
Neither were super expensive. I carry a rain jacket in warm weather so light rain, sleet or snow repelling is good but want some breathability. Anything you recommend at $150 or under?
Ferrosi looks interesting. I think something a little longer though. Does it have any lining? Thank you.

My Ferrosi has no lining. I don't know if the REI description is accurate concerning the lining.
Someone pointed me toward a MH Firefall2. On sale at large discount.

I do not think that you can go wrong with a Mountain Hardware soft shell, as it took me over a decade to wear through the outer fabric of my shoulder tops. I got it really cheap as apparently the maroon color was not popular. I still use it as a mid-layer in winter. No hood, but I really like the glasses pocket on upper left front.