Round 2 -Spring Storm

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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
It started snowing at 3:30 at my place in Gorham. I was out throwing firewood earlier today in Randolph and saw a very rare event, Appalachia parking lot was completely empty. I also didnt see any cars at Lowes. That is quite rare as there are some folks who like to head out in storms and get snowed in, so there are normally a few solitary cars. The caretaker usually parks at Stearns Lodge and takes a shortcut up via an old trail route to get onto the RMC trail network near the Cold brook bridge. There is maple syrup operation in that area that keeps the route open and is handy short cut for anyone trying to get to route 2 quickly. Its also used for rescue access on occasion.

Plow drivers really like Appalachia to be empty during storms as they use it during the storm on occasion for breaks and turns arounds. If it is like the last storm the side roads will not be aggressively plowed, as the frost is out and the plows might take the old pavement up. Once the storm is over it should melt fairly quickly as the frost is coming out of the ground and 12 plus hours of sun makes a big difference. I even could start tracing out the seven in King Ravine from my new viewpoint.

Now its time to watch the temps on the summit and see how warm or cold things get.
We have about a foot at my house in West Brattleboro and the snow is coming down hard still. This is awesome - huge storm!
Going to XC ski after work.
After the last storm I gave up on snow predictions for my place, the early snow tends to get blocked by the CarterMoriah Wildcat Range and Mt Washington but with a big slow coastal storm like this it tends to come later in the storm from western Maine. I just hope it stays snow.
I was getting the feeling yesterday and the forecast was shaping up for us to be in our traditional snow-shadow here in Bethlehem, NH. When the front swept in mid-afternoon yesterday there was little to no precip with it, and at our location tucked under the west side of the hill, the wind gusts were kept mostly aloft. I was just on the NWS radar thinking the same thing as you peakbagger; probably get the tail end of the storm sweeping in and lingering with showers for the next couple days.

Has not snowed any here for the past few hours and only 2 or 3 inches on the ground.
10" as of 11 AM in Gorham. Seems to have slowed down but expecting a big finish.
16" and counting as of 7:30 PM. I am measuring off a porch. My driveway is melting the snow from underneath so the accumulation is less on the driveway but the snow is quite dense. No doubt I will have more by morning.
About the same over here in the Adirondacks at 1800'. We cleared some of it today; probably do another round of blowing / shoveling tomorrow afternoon.

Makes a sloppy mess for the unprepared "eclipse hikers." I hope for the best!
Totaled 12.5" here in southeast VT (750ft) but now melting fast, snow pack already down to about 9". I havn't needed my snowshoes this winter until the March 23/24 snow dump (20") and probably today.
My total was in the 18" range but on pavement it compacted down quite a bit.