Snow Elevation in Central Whites?

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Jun 23, 2005
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New England
Is there an average snowline in the Whites right now? The area I'm interested in is the Rt. 302 region South through the Sandwich Range, West of Rt. 16 & East of 93.

TEO -- down in the southern Whites, the snowline is pretty high and rising... from my back window, there are only vestiges of piles where the man-made snow is deepest on Tecumseh. Silverfox reported an intermittent monorail and some summit slush on Tecumseh Tuesday over 3000 feet. Peakn reported similar conditions on Osceola on Tuesday -- some snow patches over 3500 feet, and mostly snow (packed with a lot of postholes) over 4000 feet. Another hiker reported no snow on Sandwich Dome the end of last week (we've since had the trees coated above 3000 feet, but I doubt that amounted to much).

It's been above freezing at 3800 feet the last couple days, and we finally have had a stretch with no new snow since about Monday. Hope that helps.