Snow's Mountain (Waterville Valley)

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Jul 10, 2005
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Waterville Valley, NH
Date of Hike: 5/18/10

Route: Snow's Mountain Trail - South Loop (WVAIA)

Trail Conditions: Numerous blowdowns, track hard to follow for first half-mile. Conditions better higher up.

Special Equipment Required: None. A few lazy blackflies, kept easily at bay by my BuzzOff shirt and hat, and a dab of eau de Citronella (Naturpel). I am bringing a saw next time, though.

Comments: After living in the literal shadow of Snow's Mountain for the last four years, I figured it was time to see the view from the top. This is a venerable old trail, traversing about a mile and a half from where I accessed it to the viewpoints at the top of the ridge. I think the North Loop is more heavily traveled, but the portion I walked yesterday was somewhat grown in and there were several large blowdowns that required careful circumnavigation. Fortunately, the trail is well-blazed, because the track itself for the first half-mile is indistinguishable from the surrounding woods. The last mile of this route is along a virtual superhighway of old logging road, and the views from the two viewpoints were good if somewhat constrained. 2 hours r/t, about 1200 vertical.