Speck Pond Trail work 6-9-16


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Lefty E

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Jan 28, 2010
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at Madison summit
Success Pond Road from Berlin side about the same as Monday the 6th...first mile kind of bumpy, rest up to the trailhead better than last year, with a few rough spots of course...Plenty of room to park just past the trailhead sign, on the left...

Lower park of Speck Pond Trail had some logging done a few years ago and it grassy in spots, and with plenty of wildflowers and other interesting plants growing in a little, so you may have some vegetation touching your legs..AMC Pro Crew had been though so blowdowns, none..drainages cleaned...some minor trimming remains to be done..

Upper part of trail has a lot of slippery small ledges and boulders and mud pits..watch out for slippery bog bridging too...native wood ladder still solid though starting to splinter a little...some herdpaths are forming around most of the slippery slabs and that's understandable as it would be easy to take a spill, especially on descent..did not go past May Cutoff jct. as it was a wet day up there, no view to the pond...trail maintenance day..