Tele Beginners at Wachusett Weekdays


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Jan 14, 2004
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Leominster, MA
I was inspired by Vegematic's post in the "Where do I learn to Telemark" thread. So, instead of hijacking that one, I'm starting a new one.

If there's any tele beginners who would be interested in hooking up at Wachusett (started snow making last night!) mid-week evenings, or perhaps at Windblown weekdays early afternoon, to look like fools in a group, please contact me. I've got a Century Pass and live 20 minutes from the mountain. I intend to go at this thing full-tilt and learn to tele or die trying :eek: !

I've got a nordic background and can get down steep stuff comfortably with skinny skis, with my own "style" of turn, sort of a combination wedge christie/telemark. Never had fixed heel gear on my feet, despite growing up 400 yards from a NELSAP area (Jericho Hill) in Marlboro, MA. I intend to take a parallel turn lesson as soon as Wachusett opens. After that, it'll be my lift tele gear and whatever happens....


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