Union Leader Kearsage North Article - My guess is its going to get crowded overnight


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There are others but hard to beat North Kearsage for the morning and evening views. If the FS had done the proposed landing pad on Cabot near the cabin it would have really opened up that view but that project seems to have died a deserving death.
“We filled the place, so when two other groups arrived, they turned around with all their gear,” she said. “Honestly looking at one of the groups, they wouldn’t have lasted the night.”

Guess it's time to put up another New Hampshire toll booth at the trailhead. They could charge for parking and make sure people are inside the fog line while they are at it.
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I did find it interesting that one group came up from the Maine side. Unless that trail has been reblazed lately they did pretty good making it to the top, the last time I went down it, blazing was real sketchy and the trail bed was not that visible.

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