Wildcats (1/2/2016)


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Mar 5, 2012
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Date: Jan 2, 2016

Conditions: Used an uphill access pass to take Polecat to the top of the ski area. This was a little challenging, as trails crowded with downhill skiers and boarders meant you had to make sure others saw you. Once on the ridge trail, things were in great shape, and I saw about 20 other people doing the ridge. There were about 4 inches of compacted snow underfoot and no need for snowshoes or traction, though many people were wearing microspikes. The steep rocky sections had some ice exposed, but were manageable by finding a good handhold and an ice-free foothold. Wildcat A was much colder and windier than D. I returned along the ridge and skied down to the car.

Special equipment: poles useful, microspikes if you are uneasy on iced-up rocky steps