Trail From Bog Brook Rd To Wildcat D/E Col?

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…Spruce Brook is pretty popular, Blue Brook is pretty beat but a nice water source…
Thanks again for the great response and info!

When you say” pretty popular, do you mean there might be somebody else there or “get there by noon?”
Thanks again for the great response and info!

When you say” pretty popular, do you mean there might be somebody else there or “get there by noon?”
My last couple times by there around college orientation time, there have been school groups. I've actually stayed there twice midweek and have had a little company each time but nothing to overflow. There are only a couple few tent pads and it's on a hill so hammocks have more options. Just be careful with tree selection, dude a couple years back wasn't and paid the ultimate price.
I've done Carter Dome via Rainbow before as an out and back. It was a hot humid day in the Summer after some good rain so I wore Altra's, lycra shorts and a trashy old t-shirt assuming I'd just get soaked and muddy between all the river crossings and mushy areas. Most of the route I thought was fine but the lower portions of Bog Brook were seriously muddy. I didn't get as messy as I thought I would. I really love the Wild River Wilderness, even when it's wet.
Just saw this thread. I've gone that way to the hut, up to Carter Dome, and down Rainbow. A wonderful trail, ferns and beeches, quiet, remote. Down low it was so wet I took my boots off for stretches.
This post popped up again and with the recent (a year or three) rules change regarding winter uphill on Wildcat ski area, is bog brook to Wildcat D over the ridge to A, down to the hut and back to Bog brook via Wildcat river a viable winter loop.
Or are backcountry skiers regularly using Wildcat Valley trail, and would snowshoeing hikers be unwelcome.
I think you’d want to check in with Jackson XC. You cannot hike on the XC trails. I’d pull the XC map and follow the snowshoe trails. I believe the wildcat river trail is a backcountry ski trail in winter but don’t quote me on that. In any event, you might have to access from Hutmens because end of Carter Notch Rd is parking for Jackson XC and for the next 6 weeks or so will be packed with skiers. I don’t think hikers are allowed on the XC trails.

Edit: the trail up to wildcat is called Wildcat Valley Trail.
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I ski at Jackson X/C a lot. The Bog Brook and Wildcat River hiking trails are regularly used in the winter. To access the trailhead one needs to snowshoe about .3 miles on the groomed x/c trail. On weekends there is often insufficient parking for all of the skiers. Skiing there should last way more than 6 weeks. The trails there are the first in the season to open and the last to close at Jackson. Last year there was x/c grooming there until the middle of April.