Perkins Notch via Bald Land, East Branch & Bog Brook 7/3/16

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Started at the East Pasture Parking area for JSTF and the Bald Land Trail on Black Mountain Rd. in Jackson. I don't think JSTF ever had enough snow this year to open or groom the East Pasture Loop and the Bald Land Trail section is overgrown with grass, weeds, a few downed trees and absolutely no discernible footway. The turn off the ski trail onto the footpath after the scenic vista is not marked at all and would be very hard to find if you didn't already know where it was. The remainder of the BLT footpath is in reasonable condition. Followed the East Branch Road down to the start (the old middle) of the East Branch Trail. The last time I was out here Gulf Brook was too high to cross, but no problems with brook crossings this time. East Branch Trail is in good shape, but the footway becomes indistinct and occasionally hard to follow in it's upper reaches, and there is a very very wet boggy section with no bridges before the Wild River Trail Junction. Wild River Trail is in good shape through Perkins Notch to the Wildcat River Trail. Wildcat River Trail in great shape down to the Bog Brook Trail. Bog Brook Trail in good shape with low water and easy water crossings back to the end of the hike at the end of Carter Notch Rd.