Willey, Field, Tom, and Willard, Plus via... (see post for trails) - 8/23


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NH Tramper

Apr 10, 2012
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North Conway, NH Avatar: Cannon Mtn.
Date of Hike: Aug 23, 2014

Trails: Kedron Flume, Ethan Pond, Willey Range, A-Z, Mt Tom Spur, Avalon, and Mt Willard Trails

Trail Conditions: As it applies to All Trails, all of the water crossings were easy. Water levels are low. The specifics are as follows: Kedron Flume Trail was in great shape until the flume itself, after that it was really muddy though I was able to rock-hop through it. The section of Ethan Pond Trail I was on wasn't too bad, a little wet and muddy but easy stuff. The Willey Range Trail (before the summit) was as I remember it: deeply eroded and steep in places. I also noted it needed brushing out (was carwash-like in couple of places) and brushing in as well to stop traffic through some of the unnecessary herd paths. I also noted two easy-under blowdowns. People talk about the ten sets of ladders, but they're actually wide tread steps and easy to navigate. There are tougher sections! (After the summit) the trail was in great shape, and being worked on. I noted some new bog bridges (yay). It was easy going from there to the junction. I noted some more newish bridges. I don't think they were present on this trail last time I hiked it. The section of the A-Z Trail I hiked, before and after the spur, was great. No issues to report. The Mt Tom Spur was also in great shape. I seem to recall one easy over blowdown and there were some newish slick log steps. The Avalon Trail was just more of the same. No issues. The Mt Willard Trail was also fine. Though there is an easy over blowdown on it. It was otherwise a highway similar to the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. I went to the ledges and hunted around a bit but never found what I felt was an actual summit. Hope it counts. For what it's worth, I also hiked around the pond on Saco Lake Trail. It, too, was also in great shape and a nice little trail worth checking out. On my way home, being with AVSAR, I also got involved in a rescue/littler carry (a vacationer fell from the top of Ripley Falls breaking his legs) so I ended up hiking up the Ripley Falls Trail section as well. It is muddy and wet in a couple of places, but otherwise okay. The crossing is easy.

Special Equipment Used: None, though I did bring my poles.

Comments: I hiked this for pleasure and peakbagging, though the other trails and Willard were "needed" too. I spotted a bike and coasted with a smile all the way back to the Willey House. Great day for a hike.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH