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Thread: tuckerman ravine trail

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    tuckerman ravine trail

    when does the tuckerman ravine trail usually open (above the lunch rocks)?
    last year it didn't open up until Jul 4 wkend, is the snowpack this year less abundant?
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    From the forecast for Sunday, May 28, 2006 (the final one for this year):

    THE LIP AND THE TUCKERMAN RAVINE TRAIL THRU THE RAVINE FROM LUNCH ROCKS, ON THE FLOOR OF THE BOWL, TO THE JUNCTION WITH THE ALPINE GARDEN TRAIL JUST ABOVE THE HEADWALL ARE CLOSED TO ALL USE. Only this section of the trail is closed. This section is closed annually due to the magnitude of crevasses and undermining that develop in this area during the spring melt-out. A fall in this area would have severe consequences. This trail section will be reopened when the tread melts out. Until then, be prepared to use an alternate route. Check in with one of the local visitor centers to determine the status of the closure before starting up.
    I was skiing on Sunday. I'd say that the snowpack is relatively good for this time of year given this season's snow history, though the snowpack is far from epic. Temps like we had over the weekend will cook it fast, though the arch should be around for a while still -- as of now, it's not even discernable.

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