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    pics The mini-me's, aka Tom (the bomb) and Eric (earache), and I arrived at the Osceola Tripoli Rd. trailhead about 8:30 am. Just before locking the car, I looked around for my hiking poles....not in the car. Oh yeah, we saw them against the fence in the backyard at home. Yup, 120 miles away. D'OH!

    Oh well, one little mistake won't mess up the whole day. Off we went. The Mt. Osceola Trail was nice. Not too rocky, not too steep. We seemed to be making good time. Then it was time for a break. "Dad, where's the trail mix." Oh, it's in the back seat of the car. D'OH! How about a snickers?

    Off we went again, Earache in the lead, followed by the Bomb, with me bringing up the rear. Great trail, just a few blowdowns that were easily climbed over or around. Under, if you were the right height. About 2 miles in, Tom the Bomb exploded. All of a sudden he was homesick. I sent Earache on his way up, telling him to stop where the log crosses the dry stream bed. Not his first hike, so I figured he'd figure it out. D'OH!

    I defused the bomb, telling him when we caught up to Earache, we'd turn back to the car. After about 20 minutes, Tom and I come the log, no Earache. We called for him, no answer. Up we go, the bomb is ready to explode again. We finally catch up to the Earache, who tells us the summit is about 50 feet away. I asked about the log, "oh, yeah, I saw it. That's where you wanted me to stop?" D'OH!

    The summit area was nice, with great views despite the haze. There were about a dozen people there and we spent about 30 minutes eating and roaming around. Uneventful walk down, save for one pretty good spill by the Bomb. Dr. Dad got to use the first aid kit. We got back to car about 2:30 pm, then went over to Livermore to check out the Big Pines and the Boulder. The pines were cool, so was the stream at the boulder where I fell in trying to get a picture! D'OH!

    Even with the confusion, injuries and unintended swimming, we had great day. Next time we hope to get to East D'Ohsceola.

    Pics when I figure out how to attach the
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    Great TR, Bobby! The pix are awesome. Clearly Earache is growing fast! Oh to be young again...
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    Funny stuff! Reading your report I could picture and almost hear exactly what was happening. Parenting is even more of an adventure than hiking. I'm glad you three got to do Osceola. It's a great hike with nice views, but the adventure you three had will be retold many times with lots of laughter. Thanks for sharing.
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    Very nice! It brings back some very fond memories. Enjoy every moment!!
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