Lots of fresh snow. Trails were broken out until around the Uphill Lean-to, then unbroken from there on. Very tiring type of multilayered snow, tough for trailbreaking. Trail also unbroken up to Gray and Skylight, so that had to be broken out, too. There is now a good track up from Lake Colden and via Lake Arnold (we met others who did the Lake Arnold route), up to Gray (mostly following the standard herdpath) and up to Skylight.

We followed an existing track from four corners up Marcy. Note that the track from four corners to Marcy does NOT follow the official trail until it gets to treeline. Whoever broke it out didn't follow the trail. We followed the track because we were tired of breaking trail.

On the other side of Marcy, everything was big, wide, and well-broken out. No problems.

Gear required: snowshoes a must, preferably with aggressive crampons for some steep hard bits on the way up Marcy. Crampons not required. No exposed ice anywhere. Lots of very warm winter clothing and protection from wind.

Full trip report with images here.