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Thread: Pleasant mt via south west ridge trail

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    Pleasant mt via south west ridge trail

    The trail is clear of snow up to the Tepee.

    There are patches of snow in the woods over to the fire tower but nothing significant.

    The service road had some large patches of snow that were easily passed. The clear sections of the road were quite soft indicating that the snow had recently melted.

    Just after you reenter the woods and rejoin the regular trail there is a large blowdown that you need to walk around. From that point to the top there is no snow.

    On the way back I took to trail back up to the ridge rather than the service road. There are a few blowdowns, some wet spots and occasional patches of snow.

    The Ledges trail is totally clear from top to bottom.

    The Bald Peak trail is fairly clear all the way to Shawnee Peak. Butt sliders be warned. The Shawnee Peak slopes are melting fast. If you want to so some Swiss Bobbing or Butt sliding you should do it soon.

    (Edit): Just did the Bald Peak trail from the Trailhead to Bald Peak. The trail is clear of ice and snow up to the Needle's Eye. A few patches there but nothing important. From Sue's way to Bald Peak there are some extensive areas of snow and hard ice. In the steeper sections , especially coming down, the ice can be dicey in places. Light traction can be useful in this area.

    I'm not sure, but I suspect that there is still be a fair bit of snow and ice on the upper section of the Fire Warden's trail.
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