This was a hike to a rather obscur peak just west of Moosilauke and near the AT in Glencliff, NH. My hiking partner, Hufflepuff, and I decided to approach from the East by the Tunnel Brook Trial. (Thanks to DocRoss and his helpful TR's) We walked up about 2 miles to about 2200 feet and started the bushwack. We tried to stay just to the east of the ridge line, but still hit some thick spots and the ledges. The ledges are not terrible and we managed to plow through. At about 3100 feet, we were delighted to find a moose or herd path which came and went all the way to the top, at 3561. We were the third group to visit this peak in 2009. It was interesting to note that the UNH backpacking club has climbed Clough in late August the past two years. Good for them! The 7.5 mile trip took us 6.5 hours, with a leisurely stop at the summit. The wood were wet from rain the prior day, and most of the day was overcast, but that did not detract from a great day in the woods.