Rained for most of the day, except right up at the summit. There's a ton of standing and flowing water on most of the trail. No ice or snow at the bottom of the trail.

Approaching the summit, I encountered more and more ice on rocks. These are huge rocks, sloping across most or all of the trail, in some places. They were manageable because anywhere that water flowed over the rocky trail, the ice had melted. I just stuck to walking wherever the water was flowing and avoided slipping this way.

Except when I got to the summit - there's a layer of ice about 1/4 inch thick over every rock, and there are some places where you have no choice but to navigate over the ice. I just took small steps. I didn't have any extra traction devices with me, just my boots. Would have been wiser to have extra traction, but it's doable if you're careful.

Coming back down, with the ice melting and rain falling, the trail was practically like a small stream.

Great day, in any case!