After taking a look at the higher summits report, it was decided to go with a plan 'B' to avoid the Northern Presis.

A late start up the Ravine Lodge Road and I was pooped by the time I got to the trailhead!

I keep tinkering with my layering system to get it right for winter. I started off migthy cold, but think it may be just about right. I find it very hard to get the right warmth to sweat ratio.

The trail itself was well packed and easy to follow. Passed a young man carrying his skis, he looked like he was in for a real treat on the way down!

Once Geneva and I got closer to the summit we had a few hiking parties go past, 9 people in all I believe.

Once into the 'mount crumpet' forest I added a layer and my balaclava, the wind was brisk, and the views were severe clear! The trees were all covered and thick with blown snow, it looked more like many groups of standing stones than trees. At my leisurely (incrediably slow) pace I had lots of time to look at them and try to make them into creatures, sort of like watching clouds...

What others may consider a 'mad dash' for the summit - mine ended up looking more like a slow drunken slog as the wind blew me and my tired body around a bit. That and I sounded like Darth Vader trying hard to breath in a windproof balaclava, not sure if windproof is the right fabric for a balaclava for a claustrophobic person like me!

I didn't manage to get any photos on the summit, since I was more concerned about Geneva being out in the wind and cold more than anythiing else at that moment. After touching the summit quickly, a brief look around and then right back down the trail into the waiting arms of the much warmer and wind free trees.

Shortly down the trail the snowshoe tracks I wqs following turned into sled tracks! Whoo Hoo! The lasst 4 people off the summit before me had sleds, and were having a great time bombing down the trail! Geneva and I were a little jealous. We passed them near the end of the trail, and indeed, they did look like they were having a blast out there.

Back at the car in about 5 hours, another peak done for Geneva, and she got a well deserved nap on the way home. I am working on designing her a little alpinist suit now for these hikes. I think it will be complete with 'Batman' like ears. But perhaps in purple?

Another great day to be out there enjoying all that nature has to offer!