Car spotted on Davis Path Tr and Mount Langdon Tr.

Parking: Room for 5 cars at the Mount Langdon Trailhead, Plenty of room at the Davis Path Trailhead.

Trail conditons: We had it all today on this 11.9 mile spring hike. Dry trail, wet trail, standing water, running water, patches of snow, slippery rocks and roots, dry rock ledges. There were a lot of blowdowns on the Mount Parker Trail between Parker and Resolution. The trail had nice soft pine needles for comfortable footing but is not well cared for. Lots of recent debris and many, many old blowdowns to contend with. A long stretch of overgrown scratchy shrubs of some kind were particularly pesky.
The Davis path was in great shape with some impressive rock work on the lower section.

We started the hike at 7:45am and came out at the Davis Path Tr. at 2:30. A fine, breezy, sunny, glorious day for 4 great 52 WAV mountains. A+!!
Photos here: