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Thread: Routes Up Washington

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    Question Routes Up Washington

    Saw no trip reports for either of these in cursory searches. Looking for info on any snow or trouble spots. Thanks in advance.

    1) Has anyone been up Old Jackson Rd to Tuckerman to Boott Spur to Davis to the top and return via the same way except going down Boott Spur Link recently?


    2) Old Jackson to Nelson Crag to top?

    Thanks again.

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    Did the Tuckerman trail to boot spur link and then down boot spur trail loop last Sunday, no snow anywhere on those trails. Maybe 5-6 blowdowns on boot spur trail. Wind was blowing!!! (no bugs that day)

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    Thanks Michelle.

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    I've hiked many of the trails recently (May 21 to May 31) on the east side of Washington.

    In general, some blowdowns on everything except the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. But you can duck under, go over, or around them without major problems. No one has been through yet with a saw or ax to do spring clearing.

    Some snow on the trails as you approach treeline, but rapidly dimishing. May be all gone by this weekend.

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    Thanks Peaks.

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