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Thread: Monroe via Ammo, Loop, Crawford, Westside, and Jewell Trails 6/11/2010

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    Monroe via Ammo, Loop, Crawford, Westside, and Jewell Trails 6/11/2010

    Date: Friday June 11, 2010
    Trails: Ammonoosuc Ravine, Crawford Path, Mount Monroe Loop, Crawford Path, Westside, Jewell

    Conditions: Some mud on lower portions. Wet and slippery granite above. Most of the blowdowns mentioned in the post from three days ago have been cleared. Some overgrown vegetation in the trails below treeline; but it appears that lopper work has begun. Ammo crowded with people. Fewer above, and no one else on Jewell.

    Equipment: Poles very helpful, especially on the descent.

    Comments: I chose to do this loop with lots of above-treeline hiking in the hopes that the fog would clear. It was a long, slow slog across the western slopes of Washington over slippery granite, with no views. It did in fact clear, eventually, allowing me to see the peaks from the parking lot before I drove home.
    (On a dry day this would be a fine route, and could include a short detour up Mt. Clay - which I didn't bother with, given the conditions.)

    Photos from this hike can be seen at:

    NH4K: Elizabeth 48/48, Gracie 27/48, Salty 26/48, Kennedy 4/48
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