Trail conditions (from South Meadow): Started out with dusting of snow on trail, first part of trail in decent shape. Coming to beaver pond at ~ 1 mile, things turn VERY wet. Round the pond to the left, as you come to the other side there are sections of trail fully under water and trail can be a little hard to spot - just keep the pond on your right and keep an eye out for sections of man made boards (islands in the middle of the flooded area next to the pond!), keep following them until it dries out a little and you can spot the trail (or markers). Going up from here muddy and wet in sections, drier as you reach near the summit. Few inches of snow at the summit.

Equipment: Waterproof boots - essential, Gaiters - recommended, poles - useful (esp. for balance crossing logs/rocks at flooded sections). A few icy spots but traction aids not necessary.

Comments: Continue down the other side of mountain on trail and find the old bobsled run in the woods. Neat piece of history.