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Thread: Primaloft jacket recommendations ?

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    Primaloft jacket recommendations ?

    I'm thinking about asking Santa for a good packable primaloft jacket but I know nothing about them. Any ideas?
    I agree with Ranxerox !!!!


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    my mountain hardwear compressor primaloft is one of my favorite jackets. very light and warm.
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    I have an older version of this and also a vest.

    It's amazing how warm and light primaloft jackets are.

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    I have an MH Compressor jacket (no hood). IMO, it is about as warm as my REI 200wt fleece jacket.

    * MH Compressor jacket
    - 14.8 oz
    - compresses smaller
    - may block wind a little better
    - a bit delicate

    * REI 200wt fleece jacket
    -15.6 oz
    - doesn't compress as well
    - rugged--wears like iron

    Given the similarity in the weights and the differences in compressed size, I tend to use the Compressor as a backup because it takes up less space in my pack.


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    Quote Originally Posted by freighttrain48 View Post
    my mountain hardwear compressor primaloft is one of my favorite jackets. very light and warm.
    I'll second the Compressor. I bought it just over a year ago and it is fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrJJFate View Post
    I'll second the Compressor. I bought it just over a year ago and it is fantastic.
    Another vote for the Compressor.

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    Patagucci Das Parka (I don't know that the insulation is primaloft, but it is a synthetic puffy).
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    I have an slightly older version of this jacket from EMS and love it.

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    MH Compressor is 20% at EMS right now... (I don't have one)

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    I have an REI model bought several years ago with zippers at the shoulder to zip off the arms. That's a pain and there are lighter Primaloft type jackets on the market. My go-to-pack jacket is an EMS down "sweater" which is great and very light. Some people like hoods, but I find they get in the way. Hope Santa brings you something really nice.

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    I'll throw out a vote for the LL Bean Ascent Primaloft jacket. I have it and love it. Upgraded from down a couple years ago and there isn't one thing I don't like about this coat. Plus, it's cheaper than the other trendy brands out there and every bit as good. This coat and my Mountain Hardwear Torch are my go to winter coats.

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    I've got a TNF Redpoint, which I'm very happy with. Not sure I'd pay the retail 150 for it, but at 80-something shipped it seemed a fair deal. Weighs a little more than the Compressor (20 ounces? something like that) but also feels a little more substantial. It's insulated with 100g primaloft and features a fairly rugged shell fabric, less filmy and delicate than some of the lighter jackets out there. It packs down like a dream, and it is *such* a nice thing to be able to throw on for breaks, summits, etc.

    I've also got a Patagonia nanopuff pullover. Again, insanely priced at retail but I got a weird discontinued color for a price that felt reasonable. It's amazingly light (11 ounces?) but not nearly as beefy or warm as the Redpoint. I see it as more of a three-season layer, directly taking the place of the fleece I used to carry. I wouldn't choose the Nano or any other jacket with 60g insulation as my winter insulation mainstay.

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    By coincidence, Today's EMS Deal of the Day is a Primaloft Mercury Jacket
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