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Thread: Mt. Cabot via York Pond, Bunnell Notch, and Kilkenny Ridge Trails

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    Mt. Cabot via York Pond, Bunnell Notch, and Kilkenny Ridge Trails

    Date of Hike: Jun 2, 2012

    Trail Conditions: York Pond Trail had an easy-over blowdown and a broken but passable bridge, but it was a short section of that trail and it was otherwise good. Despite Saturday's rain it wasn't very muddy and little standing water. Bunnell Notch Trail had a couple of blowdowns, one easy-over, one easy-under. It also had two broken but passable bridges. The trail was kind of muddy and had some running water on it (not counting wet sections due to the rain). Kilkenny Ridge Trail, the section I traveled, was in pretty good shape, a little mud and a little water. The worst section was at the Bunnell Notch Trail junction where there was a lot of trail flooding, but it was a short section. ETA: The crossing on Bunnell Notch Trail was just doable coming and going on the 2nd, but after the rains that night I bet it was very difficult on the 3rd and may need a day or two to recede.

    Special Equipment Required: None.

    Comments: The window in the cabin was open and the floor was wet so I closed it. It should be dry in there now. I wasn't bothered by bugs due to the rain and wind (nice). The rain, light actually, stopped by the time I neared alpine level, but the wind was gusting. Nice hike, despite the weather. The Fish Hatchery area brought back a lot of memories; I spent a summer doing trail work and other stuff there working with the YCC when I was a teen. I lived at those cabins. Good times.

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