Date of Hike: June 1, 2013

Trail Conditions: The first half of Edmands Path is for the most part dry and mud free. It is in pretty good condition. The water crossings are all bridged. The upper half of Edmands Path is a little mix of everything from dry, running water, standing water, some mud and pleny of wet slippery rocks. There is no snow or ice anywhere on the trail. Overall the upper part of the trail is in okay condition. It just needs to dry out a little more. The sections with mud and wet areas are not that bad. The wet rocks are the worst of the conditions.

There are some blow downs along the way that you can walk under or step/straddle over. There is one dangerous looking snag over the trail about a mile or so in from the trailhead. It is a broken birch tree hanging over the trail snagged on a broken spruce tree. There were branches hanging down blocking the trail so cut them off to open the trail up. I would think a trail crew would want to clear that snag.

Eisenhower Loop is in fine summer condition.

Special Equipment Used: No special equipment is needed.

Comments: It was a popular day on Eisenhower. The parking lot at the trailhead was basically full when I arrived around 8:20 am and cars were parked on Mt Clinton Road when I got back to my car around 1:30. We passed a lot of people already coming down on our ascent and more people headed up when we were on our way down.

Bugs were flying around on our ascent, but pretty much left us alone. On the way down they were a little more agressive so I finally put on some OFF to keep them off of me.

It was a warm muggy morning, but it was a lot cooler at the top with some nice breezes. We had great views of Mt Washington and the area. It was Nicholas', my 14 year old son, 5th NH 4000 footer. It was also nice to run into Hiker Ed, Karen, Bob and friends on the trail today.