date: 8/31/13

trails: sawyer pond trail, bushwack

conditions: i walked a couple tenths of a mile on sawyer pond trail, wet with slippery roots, then hit the woods heading roughly south and gradually slabbing up towards the north ridge of the mountain. woods were generally open with some young hardwood growth and hobblebush. as i made the ridge crest the woods became and remained more scrappy with thicker spruce and blowdown as i made my way along the ridge keeping to the east side hoping to find some cliff views. there were a few early, but obstructed ones and as is often the case getting to the open cliff tops was impossible or dangerous. though maps don't really translate it the ridge seemed to rise in steps with steep pitches at each step and i had to be careful to move back to the west so as not to traverse under any cliffs i wouldn't later be able to climb. closer to the summit there were some great views to nearby tremont, owls cliff and bear mountains as well as to the sandwich range and chocorua. there are two possible highpoints within a couple hundred yards of each other and you can take your pick. both were just steps away from steep drop offs and cool places to be. descending i headed down to the west first then slabbed back along to the north hoping to have better going than along the ridge, but this wasn't really the case though after crossing over a couple minor western ridges in scrappy spruce woods i dropped back into first hobblebush filled woods then the more open woods i had started up in. i crossed a number of interesting old roads running east to west to the south of the sawyer river that look to be cool places to explore someday.

equipment: nothing in particular.

comments: a nice bushwack with some good views along the way. some neat walking along the east side of the ridge above the cliffs. had been looking forward to this one for a while planning to come up from the kanc, but made a last minute decision to try from sawyer pond trail instead and it worked out well.