date: 9/28/13

trails: piper mountain trail, piper-whiteface link, whiteface mountain trail, vista trail, swett mountain trail, valley view trail, old piper trail, white trail, carriage road

conditions: given recent conditions all trails were generally dry and in great condition. they are also well blazed. there were the typical wet and muddy wallows where the whiteface mountain trail coincides with the atv trail and some wet ledge and rock on the valley view trail that is likely perpetually wet due to seeps. the trail to swett clearly receives light use and the footbed was a bit obscure in places, but well blazed. valley view trail was simply a well blazed route in places with little to no footbed, but readily followed if you pay attention. pretty interesting rock field along the way more akin to larger summits up north which requires some care. the warning signs at both ends of the trail are probably warranted, but with care it's mostly a fun piece of trail given good weather conditions.

equipment: nothing in particular.

comments: a good day revisiting some trails and hiking some new ones in the belknaps. had not been over to whiteface in a number of years and had never made it over to swett or onto the valley view trail. all nice summits and trails with great views. a beautiful day to be outside.